Dedicated Program Consultant

For the past two years, the top-rated element of the DLP has been the DLP mentor. These are carefully selected experts in innovative pedagogies, professional learning, and coaching. While the disparate elements of the program may be overwhelming for schools to take on in isolation, the mentor serves as the program consultant to facilitate a strategic and effective program implementation. They are the secret sauce to enable your schools to customize the DLP to fit your needs and make the most out of the experience.

Each dedicated mentor is paired with schools and provides:

  • On-Call Coaching Expertise: Imagine you had a personal expert who was there whenever you had a challenge On-Call Coaching Expertise: Imagine you had a personal expert who was there whenever you had a challenge working with a teacher, needed help understanding a new concept or could use some added inspiration and motivation? Mentors not only meet with coaches 1:1 multiple times a month, but also provide on-call support as needed when things get tough.
  • Ongoing Digital Skill Development: The educational technology landscape is ever changing. Each day there are new tools and tricks to learn. Keeping up with everything while carrying a full coaching or leadership role is daunting. The DLP Mentor helps address this struggle by providing regular updates, support, and guidance on the newest and most effective digital tools and strategies. Just-in-time learning for adults!
  • Year-long Guidance on the DLP Coaching Model & Tools: Implementing the DLP coaching model and tools is much more effective when you have support. The DLP Mentor facilitates the adoption of this model, and helps customize and troubleshoot the program as needed Ongoing mentorship helps to differentiate the program to meet each school’s unique needs and make sure each school is getting the greatest impact from the DLP program.
  • Outsourced Coach Management: Supporting and managing instructional coaches can be challenging - especially on top of the many other duties that school and district leaders have on their plate. The DLP Mentor provides ongoing structure and guidance for coaches, allowing the administration to share the burden of coach management. Mentors also support administrators directly in facilitating powerful coaching that leads to more impactful technology use, teacher development, and a culture of and risk taking and growth.

“It has been transformative having a mentor to brainstorm with and get new perspectives on successes and ideas for challenges. Having that outsider who can see the big picture is essential.”

-- Pilot Year DLP Coach

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